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Fruit Baskets

Give the perfect gift made with hand-selected premium fruit for friends, family, neighbors, employees, and co-workers. We customize each fruit basket to your specifications, to include best-loved fruit, favorite jams, baked goods, granola, whoopie pies, baking mixes, and bread.

Order Your Fruit Basket

Basket Name Approximate Pieces of Fruit Price Picture
1. Wooden Quart 9 pieces of fruit $9 basket1
2. Dark Woven Basket 11 pieces of fruit $14
3. Wooden 2 Quart 13 pieces of fruit $14 basket3
4. Round Bun Bowl 15 pieces of fruit $16 basket4
5. Woven Heavy Bowl – Out Of Stock 16 pieces of fruit $16 basket5
6. Square Wheat Tray 20 pieces of fruit $20 basket6
7. Dark Basket Handled 18 pieces of fruit $20 basket7
8. Round Weave Basket 24 pieces of fruit $25 basket8
9. Fruit Box 4 quart 25 pieces of fruit $25 basket9
10. Mini Wash Basket 28 pieces of fruit $30 basket10
11. Fruit Box 8 quart 32 pieces of fruit $30 basket11
12. Cream Willow Handled 34 pieces of fruit $35 basket14
13. Dark Picnic Basket Handled 36 pieces of fruit $40 basket15
14. Dark Tray Handled 40 pieces of fruit $45 basket16
15. Fruit Box ½ bushel 60 pieces of fruit $65 basket17
16. Wooden Fruit Crate 75 pieces of fruit $80 basket18
17. Market Basket Handled 135 pieces of fruit $120

Call to Order

Specialty items: Fruit baskets customized with specialties from our Farm Market. Choose from our jams, baking mixes, candies, and soup & dip mixes. Items added to fruit baskets are an additional charge.

Jam Packs: Add any flavor and size of jam to make a gift basket with delicious jams.

Quantity: 5% discount with the purchase of 10 or more fruit baskets. Two days advanced notice is appreciated on orders of 10 or more.

Delivery: We will deliver your fruit baskets within a 10-mile radius for  $10; outside of 10-mile radius will be $1.25 for each additional mile.

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