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Your Apple Picking Experience Starts Here!

Apples are a Brecknock Orchard treat. From the earliest sauce varieties in July to late fall baking apples in October, over 35 varieties of apples are grown at Brecknock Orchard, offering you the tastiest treats nature has to offer. Our apples are hand-sorted to give you the best quality possible, and we do not use wax, or other preservatives, to assure the healthiest product for you and your family. Pick Your Own apples are available from August through mid-November.

Ship Fresh Apples

Enjoy Treats From Our Apple Orchard

Our homemade apple pies and apple dumplings are made from our own orchard-fresh apples. We also offer fresh pressed pasteurized apple cider for those chilly fall evenings.

There are approximately 2,500 different varieties of apples grown in the United States. About 7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.

You know the old saying, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Apples are quite healthy. They are fat, sodium, and cholesterol-free and contain about 80 calories, and are a great source of fiber. Apples also help to clean your teeth.

Twenty-five percent of an apple’s volume is air. That is why apples float.

Apple Recipes

All apple varieties are ripening approximately 7 days later than typical.

Apple Type Harvest Time Pick Your Own Farm Market
Lodi July 4
Yellow Transparent July 4
Pristine July 10
Ginger Gold Aug. 4
Summer Mac Aug. 4
Zestar! Aug. 6
Dandee Red Aug. 8
Summer Rambo Aug. 20
Gala Aug. 26
Blondee Aug. 26
Jonamac Aug. 26
Honeycrisp Aug. 24
McIntosh Sept. 7
Daybreak Fuji Sept. 11
Cortland Sept. 11
Autumn Crisp Sept. 11
Crimson Crisp Sept. 14
Macoun Sept. 14
Jonathan Sept. 14
Red Delicious Sept. 18
Smokehouse Sept. 18
Grimes Golden Sept. 20
Winter Banana Sept. 20
Empire Sept. 21
Golden Delicious Sept. 21
Jonagold Sept. 21
Snow Sweet Sept. 22
Ida Red Oct. 1
Gala (Autumn) Oct. 4
Northern Spy Oct. 4
Shizuku Oct. 4
Stayman Oct. 10
Cameo Oct. 10  
Nittany Oct. 12
Winecrisp Oct. 13  
Mutsu Oct. 14
Sun Crisp Oct. 14
York Oct. 14
Red Rome Oct. 15
Fuji Oct. 15
Winesap Oct. 15
Braeburn Oct. 20
SnapDragon Oct. 21
EverCrisp Similar to Honeycrisp Oct. 30
Goldrush Oct. 30
Granny Smith Oct. 30
Pink Lady Nov. 1


Pick Your Own Apple Tips

Each row in the apple orchard is clearly labeled with the apple varieties. When you visit Brecknock Orchard, we will give you a list of the apples that are ready to pick and a brief description of each variety. You can mix or match varieties of apples as you pick them.

Pick Your Own Apples

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