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Apple Cider

Capture your favorite fall flavor of fresh apples in a bottle, and then take a crisp, cool sip. Ahhhh…invigorating! That’s the taste of Brecknock Orchard’s apple cider. Brecknock Orchard apple cider is made of 100% fresh pressed apples, and the apple cider slushies are made of only Brecknock Orchard apple cider. No sugar, artificial sweeteners, or flavoring added, just pure apple cider!

Pasteurization Process

Our fresh apple cider is flash pasteurized for ultimate flavor and quality. Flash pasteurization is an FDA approved process that eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria in apple cider. After the apples are pressed, the juice that was squeezed out is heated to 160⁰ for 6 seconds, then immediately cooled to 36⁰ for optimum fresh apple cider flavor!

More than 2 apples in every 8 oz glass of apple cider!

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