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Harvest Times

Tree ripened fruits, berries, and a full selection of vegetables

Checkmarks on the harvest schedule indicate availability in the Farm Market. No checkmark indicates that particular fruit or vegetable is not available at this time.

Pick Your Own Availability

apple blueberries peaches cherries corn
Produce Brecknock Orchard Harvest Season Farm Market
icon_Strawberry Strawberries May thru June
icon_Cherry Sweet Cherries mid-June thru August  
icon_Cherry Tart Cherries late June


icon_Blueberries Blueberries July thru early August
icon_BlackRaspberries Black Raspberries  late June thru early July
icon_Raspberries Red Raspberries June thru October
icon_Blackberries Blackberries late July thru September
icon_Corn Sweet Corn July thru September
🍈 Cantaloupe June – September  
🍉 Watermelon June – September
icon_Pear Pears mid-August thru November
icon_Apple Apples July thru November
icon_Peach Peaches July thru September  
icon_Nectarine Nectarines late July thru September
icon_Plum Plums mid-July thru August
Apricots mid-July
icon_Pumpkin Pumpkins mid-September thru November
icon_Apple Apple Cider
icon_Tomato Vegetables May thru October  
Asparagus April thru June  
Rhubarb April thru July
🍅 Tomatoes May thru October
🌶 Peppers- sweet May thru October
🌶 Peppers-hot July thru September
🥬 Lettuce May thru December
🧅 Sweet Onions June thru December
String Beans June thru October
🥒 Cucumber July thru October
🍆 Eggplant July thru September
Zucchini July thru October