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There are several types of pears, with varying flavors, just like apples.

Bartlett: very popular for snacking!  Bartletts differ from the winter D’Anjou variety because Bartletts change from green to yellow as they ripen.  Bartlett pears are best enjoyed when they’re yellow and the skin gives slightly when pressure is applied near the neck end. Bartlett pears are the main variety used for canning.

D’Anjou: This winter pear variety is egg-shaped and green in color. We call it a “winter” pear because it replaces summer varieties like Bartlett each winter.  D’Anjou has a firmer texture than Bartlett and won’t change color as it ripens.  When D’Anjou pears are ripe and ready, it’s hard to beat their juicy, sweet, and citrus-like flavor.

Asian Pears:  round, crisp, sweet & juicy, best eaten like an apple.  Popular for snacking!

Bosc Pears: sweet, mildly spicy flavor.  Sweet even when still firm.  The complex flavors and unique color of the Bosc pear make it a favorite for baking and pair perfectly with cinnamon for a perfect baked treat!

Locally grown Yellow Bartlett Pears are available now in the Farm Market.


Quart $6.95

Half Peck $18.50

Peck $29.50

Half Bushel $42


Quart $5.50

Half Peck $13.95

Peck $18.95

Half Bushel $26.50


Quart $3.95

Half Peck $8

Peck $13

Half Bushel $18

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