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Black Raspberries

North America is the only continent native to black raspberries. The picking season for black raspberries is much shorter than red raspberries. During the peak season, the black raspberries are picked and frozen in the same day to provide the delicious taste of black raspberries year-round. Fresh & frozen Brecknock Orchard grown black raspberries are available now.

Brecknock Orchard Grown Black Raspberries Frozen Brecknock Orchard Grown Black Raspberries
Half Pint $6.95 Under 20 lbs. $17.75/lb.
Pint $9.95 20 lb. Case $14/lb.


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Tips for Picking Black Raspberries

Avoid all the red berries, they are not red raspberries; they are just unripe black raspberries. Pick only the berries that are deep purple, just about black in color.

The best way to make sure you are picking ripe black raspberries is by the way they separate from the bush. You should be able to just roll your fingers across them into your bucket.

Be careful not to fill your containers more than 5“ full to avoid smashing the berries on the bottom.

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