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A Truly Unique Farm Market Experience

Welcome to Brecknock Orchard Farm Market. As you enter the farm market, you are greeted with the colors and aromas of fruits and vegetables bursting with freshness and flavor. As you shop, enjoy tasting free samples featuring many of our products. One of our goals is to educate customers by providing recipes and “how-to” instructions for you to take home and try in your own kitchen. Our friendly and helpful staff are glad to answer your questions about our products. We look forward to serving you!

Fruit and Produce

At Brecknock Orchard, we expertly grow and harvest a full selection of top-quality fruits and vegetables on our 65-acre farm. Our fresh fruits and vegetables are not only irresistible – they’re essential for maintaining excellent health. We strive to make it easy for you to eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

You may also enjoy Picking Your Own fruits and vegetables in season. From strawberries to raspberries, peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, sweet corn, blackberries, apples, pumpkins, and vegetables including peppers, zucchini, and more, we welcome you to explore the orchards and fields and enjoy harvesting fresh fruit and vegetables.

Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Butters

Brecknock Orchard processes fresh fruits and vegetables we grow into delicious homemade jams, jellies, and fruit butters. With no preservatives or artificial flavoring added, you get the old-fashioned flavor of homemade goodness. You will see in the ingredients that Brecknock Orchard products are ones you will be happy to serve to your family and friends.

Baked Goods

Say YUM with the taste of our homemade baked products. Fruit pies, apple and peach dumplings, fresh strawberry pies and peach pies in season, whoopie pies, fruit bread, and pumpkin rolls are a few of the customer favorites that await you. All our baked products are made from scratch, with our homegrown orchard-fresh fruit and our commitment to freshness and quality, to bring you mouth-watering homemade goodness.

Fresh Apple Cider

Imagine taking a sip of your favorite Fall drink at any time of the year. Ahhhh…invigorating! That’s the taste of Brecknock Orchard apple cider. Our apple cider is made with a blend of sweet and tart apples for perfect flavor; with no preservatives or sugar added. Brecknock Orchard’s fresh apple cider is flashed pasteurized for ultimate flavor and quality. Flash pasteurization is an FDA-approved process that eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria in apple cider. After the apple cider is pressed, it is heated to 160°F for 6 seconds, then immediately cooled to 36°F for that optimum fresh apple flavor. Drink your apple a day with Brecknock Orchard Apple Cider.

Flowers & Outdoor Decorations

Flowers provide beauty to be enjoyed during Spring and Summer. Choose from annuals and perennials, a selection of hanging baskets, including our popular woven wicker hanging baskets and combination pots. Gerbera daisies, geraniums, petunias, succulents, sunflowers, vines, zinnias, and much more await your enjoyment from May through August.

September’s crisp fall days bring fall beauty with mums, asters, flowering kale, flowering cabbage, straw figures, and over 40 varieties of pumpkins

December is filled with beautiful greenery arrangements.  Fresh greens are cut and arranged in Christmas wreaths, hanging basket arrangements, and table centerpieces. Your orders for greenery arrangements are welcome!

Brecknock Orchard Honey

As you shop, be sure to stop by the observation beehive. Bees are one of God’s amazing creations, working to provide us with delicious honey. Honey is harvested from our hives at Brecknock Orchard typically in July and September. 

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Baking Mixes

Home-baked items are simple and delicious when you use Brecknock Orchard baking mixes and fresh fruit. Enjoy pancakes, muffins, shortcakes, cobblers, breads, and fritters all made in your home. Many of our baking mixes may be made by adding one or two ingredients with fresh apples, peaches, berries, or cherries, for delicious easy-to-make fruit-filled baked goods.

Fruit Slushies

Take a cool refreshing sip of Brecknock Orchard’s Fruit Slushies.  Slushies are made with Brecknock Orchard grown fruit; perfect at any time of the year. Fruit Slushie flavors include strawberry, mixed berry, cherry, peach, apple cider, and iced coffee.  A customer favorite!

Stone Ridge Beef

Tender, flavorful Stone Ridge Beef doesn’t happen by chance. Stone Ridge Beef has spent years perfecting the breeding process, selecting the right feed, and properly caring for the steer from the time they are born. Enjoy some of the finest Angus beef available today.

Frozen Fruit & Vegetables

Delight in summertime fresh flavor year-round with our frozen sweetcorn, strawberries, raspberries, sweet and tart cherries, and blueberries. Frozen berries and cherries are individually quick frozen, making it easy to open the package and easily scoop out the amount you need.

Frozen corn is available in White, Yellow, and Bi-color in easy-to-store packages, so you can take advantage of our quantity discounts and stock your freezer.