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Tart Cherries

Tart cherries may also be referred to as pie, sour, or Montmorency cherries. These cherries are primarily used for canning, processing into jams, and baking delicious pies and desserts. The locally grown fresh tart cherries are finished for the season. The 2024 season will start in early July.

Frozen, pre-pitted tart cherries are available all year and can be used just like fresh tart cherries. The frozen tart cherries are grown in Michigan, fresh-picked, pitted, and then individually quick frozen with no preservatives, no added sugar, and no added juice; just delicious cherries.

Frozen Tart Cherry Pricing

40 lbs.+ $4.50 lb.

10-39 lbs. $5.50 lb.

5-9 lbs. $5.75 lb.

Under 5 lbs. $5.99 lb.


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