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More than 16 honeybee hives are active at Brecknock Orchard. Pollinating and collecting nectar from apple, strawberry, peach, pumpkin, and many other plant blossoms. Honey Bees turn the nectar into sweet gold that we consume as honey.

Brecknock Orchard Honey

As you shop, be sure to stop by the observation bee hive. Bees are one of God’s amazing creations, working to provide us with delicious honey. Honey is harvested from our hives at Brecknock Orchard typically in July and September. Local raw honey is known for great health benefits, including building your immune system, reducing allergies, and more. Several of our customers have eaten 1 tsp of our honey every day for a year or more, and are delighted that their spring and summer allergies are cleared with this delicious and nutritious health remedy. Others tell us they have more energy and better immune systems because they regularly eat Brecknock Orchard harvested honey. To learn more about honey bees, pick up a brochure in the farm market.  Bee pollen and royal jelly are also available year-round.

Gary Stockin, from Stockin’s Apiaries in Strasburg, PA is passionate about honey bees and their sweet gold.  He says “I could talk for hours about honey bees”. Stockin’s supplies Brecknock Orchard with honey bees to pollinate the fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers.  Gary Stockin harvests the honey from our hives exclusively for you, our customer, so you can be confident the honey is fresh from Brecknock Orchard hives. Enjoy the sweetness and nutrition of the honey bee’s hard work in this delicious honey!

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Honey Bee Facts

Did you know that there is only one queen bee per hive? What does a queen bee eat? Learn More

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