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Frozen Black Raspberries

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The black raspberries are grown and picked at Brecknock Orchard, and then individually frozen with no preservatives, no added sugar, and no added juice. The frozen black raspberries can be used like fresh raspberries and are excellent for baking pies and desserts; making jelly, smoothies, and your favorite drink; or combined with yogurt and cereal.


To ensure quality shipping, at check-out select

  • UPS Ground: only if you live East of the Mississippi River
  • UPS Second-Day Air: if you live West of the Mississippi River

To keep the items frozen, they are shipped in a foam cooler with ice packs. Frozen items only ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you have any questions, contact us.


When you receive this package, remove the frozen items and place them in the freezer immediately to prevent additional thawing. After freezing for 12 hours, remove and use like fresh. The frozen black raspberries will store in the freezer for up to 12 months.

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13 reviews for Frozen Black Raspberries

  1. Michael Martin (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Great tasting raspberries!!!I have bought several bags of the black raspberries and will be buying more!! Everything thing went great every time I ordered them. The ease of ordering, the service and the shipping!!! Thank you very much!!!!

  2. Judy Lee

    The black raspberries arrived as expected. Their taste is fabulous, which makes them inspiring to cook and bake with. Thank you very much.

  3. Joyce K (verified owner)

    Since I can never find black raspberries near me, I decided to order these. Oh boy, am I happy I did! These are so fresh-tasting and DEE-LISH !!! I separated them out into smaller bags for easier thawing. The first batch I made into ice cream and it is AMAZING!!!! The flavor from the black raspberries is out of this world! I can’t wait to try more recipes – maybe some scones next. I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future. Thank you = )

  4. Andrea scott

    I am interested in making black raspberry preserves. How many bags of frozen would I need to make 10 jars each being ten oz I am making them as a surprise for my mother. Do you have an excellent receipt. My other option is just to buy jars from you and make special labels for each family member. What do you think. Thanks

  5. Lydia lee

    First time ordering

  6. Candy Griffith

    I need a gallon , so not sure if 4lbs equals a gallon

    • brecknockorchard (verified owner)

      Yes, the 4-pound package of frozen black raspberries is approximately 15-16 cups (one gallon).

  7. Sheree lambert (verified owner)

    These berries are a little bit of heaven, after not having any for many years, couldn’t wait to make a pie. I especially had to make mom’s pie crust. These are wonderful! So thankful to have this company to have this chance.

  8. Linda Mentzer

    I purchased 2 of the 4lb bags last year. .They are delicious right out of the bag frozen as a snack /dessert or on my oatmeal. When used as a snack I may lightly sprinkle with Splenda. I prefer black raspberries over any other berry. I will be returning in a few days to purchase my next supply of “candy”.

  9. Rachel

    How many cups would 4lbs of black raspberries be?

    • brecknockorchard (verified owner)

      Four pounds of black raspberries are packed in a one-gallon bag and are approximately 14 cups.

  10. Joyce Galbraith (verified owner)

    I bought the frozen BLACK RASPBERRIES this past December 2021. The pies I made were delicious. My family loved the flavor and texture. My brother even said it was the best thing I had ever baked. The pies reminded us of our childhood and the pies my grandmother made. Best Christmas gifts and all because of the fantastic Black Raspberries from Brecknock Orchard!

  11. Patricia bender

    As this is my first time using this site I will go by the reviews that I read.

  12. David Girdany

    Are your black raspberries sprayed with insecticide?

    • brecknockorchard (verified owner)

      David, We care for our entire farm with your health in mind – always trying to limit the amount of pesticides used. We use a method called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is the use of several pest control methods in a way that compliments biological and natural controls of pests. We always keep our economical, public health, and environmental goals at the forefront of our minds. With IPM, a decision to use pesticides is made when the population of that pest reaches numbers that would be detrimental to the quality of a crop, and no other alternative management practices are available. The goal of IPM is to achieve the effective management of pests in the safest manner. For complete growing practices, visit https://www.brecknockorchard.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Brecknock-Orchard-Integrated-Pest-Management.pdf

  13. Joyce Stores (verified owner)

    The black raspberries are great. My mother is very happy and thrilled that finally has gotten black raspberries.
    I like to thank you for making her so happy.
    When she speaks to other family members
    She states I know where to find black raspberries.
    You have made an 86 yr old woman very
    very happy.
    The berries has brought back to her childhood when she picked berries with her father.
    We will be ordering more
    Have a nice day..

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