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Tart Cherries – Fresh – With Pits & Stems

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Fresh tart cherries are perfect for canning, processing into jams, and baking delicious pies and desserts. Tart cherries are also known as pie cherries, sour cherries, or Montmorency cherries. Fresh tart cherries will be available through July 23, 2024.

The tart cherries are grown in Southeastern Pennsylvania. There are no preservatives, added sugar, or added juice; just delicious cherries.


To ensure quality shipping, at check-out select

  • UPS Ground: only if you live East of the Mississippi River
  • UPS Second-Day Air: if you live West of the Mississippi River

To keep the items cool, they are shipped in a foam cooler with ice packs. Perishable items only ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you have any questions, contact us.


When you receive this package, remove the items and place them in the refrigerator immediately to cool. After refrigerating for 6 hours, remove and use. The tart cherries will store in the refrigerator for one week.

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1 review for Tart Cherries – Fresh – With Pits & Stems

  1. Kathy Rageur

    Thank you for this service, I was raised in Mich but we moved south where we can’t get these. I miss them a lot I plan to order, Been looking for years. They do not grow in the south, My Mom tried for years. Is therea plant that will grow in S Louisiana?

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